Accommodize - work smart, not hard

Accommodize is an all-in-one solution for professional short-term property managers with a modern, responsive design. Built to take on mundane and repetitive tasks to make your job easier.

How can we help you?

We build features to assist you, the property manager, in everyday tasks. We build sophisticated tools to make your job simple.

Channel manager​

Increase your revenue by publishing on more channels and OTAs while maintaining the same workload. Publish and manage all your listings using our dashboard and Accommodize will seamlessly synchronize and update all your channels including Booking.com, Expedia, and Hostel World. Ensure up-to-date availability and rates using our multi-calendar. No more manually jumping between the different channels and cross checking; also, no more overbooking.​

Auto-task manager​

Be it a one-time task or tasks generated based on event triggers, like having your cleaners notified with a cleaning checklist when a guest successfully checks-out, our task manager is there for you. Give limited access to your cleaners to view only their tasks on a mobile device and allow managers to create new tasks, manage existing tasks, and add notes. Be notified when a task is complete or overdue, and view reports from anywhere using Accommodize’s mobile access.

Direct-booking website​

Accommodize can create a custom, stylish, and modern website for your property. A mobile-friendly website featuring your branding, photo gallery, and even reviews. We integrate with multiple popular payment methods allowing direct booking, the profits of which go directly to you without OTA commissions, increasing your profits even more. ​


Accommodize’s multi-calendar is an all-in-one overview that displays all your bookings, availabilities, and prices. To save you time changes made on the multi-calendar seamlessly synchronize with all your channels, including Booking.com, Expedia, Trip Advisor, and Hostel World. Also, bookings made across the different channels are synchronized automatically to prevent over-booking.​

Unified inbox​

Communication is one of the top factors in guest satisfaction. Centralized all-in-one mobile-friendly inbox to keep in touch with your guests. Read and reply to guest messages from the different channels, OTAs, emails, and messengers in one place. Use response templates and send automated messages on trigger events like a booking, check-in, or check-out.​

Unified dashboard​

Your Accommodize dashboard provides real-time key performance indicators regarding your properties, helping you to assess the situation at a glance. Summary and reports including key business aspects such as revenue, reservations, prices, messages, tasks, and to-do items that require your attention. This is the operation center where you gauge exactly how well your organization is performing.​

Mobile access

Improve resort staff's productivity by accessing Accommodize via mobile: access your multi-calendar, communicate with guests via your unified inbox, and view tasks and reports from anywhere, no matter where you are, be it the comfort of your home or on vacation.​

Revenue optimization​

Stay ahead of competition by setting smart competitive rates for your vacation rentals, and increase revenue with data-driven pricing. Integrate with our partners including Beyond Pricing, PriceLabs and Wheelhouse to generate a pricing strategy that works for you to maximize occupancy and profits.​

Advanced Features

Even more features you should know about.

Payments & processing

Getting paid is definitely the most exciting part of the job, but collecting fees could be not so simple. This is why Accommidinze is here to help you, using an online payment gateway to invoice your guests for accommodations and additional charges. Additionally, we provide you with extra flexibility like charging a full amount, or a percentage, splitting the bill between multiple guests... and more.

Reports and Analytics​

Accommodize comes with a wide range of real-time reports based on your business data, listings, tasks, reservations, and revenue. Compare today's numbers with last year's data to diagnose growth opportunities and forecast seasonal rushes. Accurately deduct expenses and have your stock ready for the holiday season. Knowledge is power!

User management system

No more sharing your password! Accommodize allows you to create user accounts with either full or restricted access control over operations. Decide which screens and features are accessible to your cleaners, administrative staff, and accountants. Restrict who can create, read, update, and delete records.

Property owner portal

Offer property owners reports for each of their properties. Tailor the reports and details they can view to include weekly, monthly, and yearly reports on a white-label, customizable dashboard that looks and feels like your own brand. Property owners will appreciate the professional and transparent approach in their own language.

Automation tools

Accommodize offers various trigger-based automation, like Auto-Message, Auto-Response, Auto-Pricing, and Auto-Tasks to take over routine tasks and let you focus on growing your business. To take it up a notch we made even more techie tools such as Webhooks and integrations with services including Zapier, IFTTT, and Automate.io.

Public API

Our functionality doesn’t quite cut if for your unique vacation property business model? Not a problem, Accommodize has your back. Integrate your custom solutions software with our Webhooks and APIs to sync with your Accommidize data and triggers.

Cut down costs, improve your operations, and grow your short-term rental business.